We hope your stay is pleasant and enjoyable. During your stay you may choose to take advantage of some additional services available. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage, some crafting inspiration, or some personal pampering, we have partnered with some additional businesses to provide these services for you at your request. Please directly contact the individuals you wish to schedule services with.



Suzette Rose  720-933-1600

Massages are $75 for 60 minutes and $105 for 90 minutes. She requires a minimum of 3 hours of service to reserve her time.  She accepts cash and check payments for her service.

Please note that Suzette is a massage therapist from the Denver area. She makes the drive to the cottage as a service to our guests. Please be respectful of her time and her business as she has other clients from the Denver area that book her in advance. If you wish to have Suzette come up during your retreat, please contact her at least 2 weeks in advance. The farther in advance the better. She cannot be guaranteed to be available for your retreat especially if you contact her more “last minute”. Please plan accordingly.


Stampin’ Up! Scrapbooking and Card Making Class

Alison Collins (Gingerbread Cottage Owner – Parker, CO)    720-212-4788

Classes are customized to your group’s interest. Prices vary depending on the requested projects ($15-$40/person).